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Our Vision: to become an integrated internationally renowned Centre for holistic precision medicine and innovation.

The Centre for Therapeutic Innovation at the University of Bath is within the Faculty of Science and incorporates nine Departments (Life Sciences, Computational Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry, Health, Management, Mathematics and Physics) across the University.

The main objective of CTI is to bring in precision from the physical and mathematical sciences to facilitate translational research that will lead to personalised medicine. The Centre’s aim is to specifically focus on quantitative diagnostics and prognostics for multiple pathologies. Our objective will be achieved by collaborating closely with various types of industrial ventures, national and international hospitals. Various types of companies from the Industrial Sector will be welcome to join us as partners to engage as collaborators with the CTI’s Research Team.

Our Mission: Facilitating Therapeutics by complete patient engagement in a fully integrated translational, industrial and clinical Institute
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Our Team

Our aim is to provide support and training to early career researchers, postdoctoral fellows and postgraduates to become cutting-edge scientists in cross-disciplinary research, translating into innovation.

Board of Governance

Professor Duncan Craig
See profile
Professor Davide Mattia
See profile
Professor Matthew Davidson
See profile
Professor John Westwick
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The Executives

Professor Banafshé Larijani Chair
See profile
Professor Steve Ward Co-Vice Chair
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Professor Richie Gill Co-Vice Chair
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Dr. Charareh Pourzand Director of Innovation
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The Scientific Advisory Board

Chair of Advisory Board: Prof. Robert Insall, University College London- UK   See profile
Prof Antonio Ferrer Director of IDiBE, University of Miguel Hernandez Spain   See profile
Prof Marc Landry, University of Bordeaux, France   See profile
Prof Gail McConnell, University of Strathclyde, UK   See profile
Mr. Alex Sheppard, iOWNA, London, UK   See profile
Prof Alex Toker, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA   See profile

The Steering Committee

Prof Christopher Eccleston   See profile
Dr Christine Edmead   See profile
Dr Pedro Estrela   See profile
Prof Michael Lewis   See profile
Dr Tristan Pryer   See profile
Prof Richie Gill   See profile
Dr Charareh Pourzand   See profile
Prof Jean Van Den Elsen   See profile

Research Team

Dr Christopher Bailey   See profile
Dr Albert Bolhuis   See profile
Dr Paul De Bank   See profile
Dr Edward Carter   See profile
Dr Andrew Cookson   See profile
Dr Nikoletta Fotaki   See profile
Dr David Gurevich   See profile
Dr Adelina Ilie   See profile
Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern   See profile
Dr Marina De Vos   See profile
Dr Beate Ehrhardt   See profile
Dr Katharine Fraser   See profile
Prof Steve Husbands   See profile
Prof Robert Kelsh   See profile
Dr Francoise Koumanov   See profile
Dr Despina Moschu   See profile
Dr Jody Mason   See profile
Prof Randy Mrsny   See profile
Prof Adele Murrell   See profile
Dr Maria Niklison Chirou   See profile
Dr Prasad Nishtala   See profile
Prof Alain Nogaret   See profile
Dr Julian Padget   See profile
Prof Sofia Pascu   See profile
Dr Elise Pegg   See profile
Dr Chris Pudney   See profile
Dr Julia Sero   See profile
Dr Theresa Smith   See profile
Prof David Tosh   See profile
Prof Ventsislav Valev   See profile

Clinical and Translational Team

Prof Guillaum Canaud, Necker Hospital, Paris   See profile
Prof George Kolios, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece   See profile
Mr Nader Francis, Yeovil, NHS   See profile
Prof Stefanie Jeffrey, Stanford University   See profile
Dr Raj Sengupta   See profile
Dr Sarah Tansley   See profile
Professor Matthew Thomas   See profile
Dr William Tillet   See profile


Mrs Fiona Pettengale
Fiona has 15 years of experience working in the Research and Innovation Pre-Award team, assisting PIs prepare grant applications for submission to a range of funders, including industrial, research council, charity, EU and US funders.   See profile
Dr Laura Wisby
Experienced Research Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working effectively in both higher education and within a funding agency   See profile
Dr Lisa Austin
Research Manager BSW Research Hub and Research Design Service   See profile

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