Innovation and Industrial Partnership

Blueside Photonics Ltd/ColorDyne Ltd

Blueside Photonics Ltd is a micro-SME based in Preston, Lancashire that specialises in the area of photobiological safety of laser, lamp and LED light sources including technical training and software based analysis of light source spectra; ColorDyne Ltd is a UK micro-SME that specialises in the development and commercialisation of LED light source product systems for both architectural and scientific lighting based applications; The ColorDyne Ltd light sources are very carefully designed to give fully optimised performance for specific user applications, especially Blueside Photonics Ltd where there is a need to tailor a beam spectrum and irradiance profile for a designated target or treatment site.

Dr Neil Haigh is the Director of Blueside Photonics Ltd that specialises in the R&D of innovative approaches for LED-based light source system design from ColorDyne Ltd. Dr Haigh and ColorDyne Ltd are assisting a CTI team led by Charareh Pourzand and the Medicines Development theme to provide applications for the tuneable and wave-guided workstation systems provided ColorDyne to CTI team.

At present the team are exploring two main projects related to the photoinactivation of coronaviruses, photobiomodulation for wound healing with some exploratory work on metallo-sensors for diagnostic/prognostic of prostate cancer as well as the evaluation of novel photosensitisers for the photodynamic therapy of prostate cancer. The team is composed of six research groups at Bath [Charareh Pourzand (lead), Ute Jungwirth, Gernot Walko, David Gurevich, Jannis Wenk, Sofia Pascu, Banafshe Larijani] and one research group in Spain [Prof Felix Goni (lead), INSTITUTO BIOFISIKA, Leioa, Spain)].

It is hoped that this direct interaction of Blueside Photonics/Color Dyne Ltds with CTI as part of the Innovation Hub would open the path for setting up the first ‘Light Centre’ as a start-up company at the heart of CTI .

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